The rainymotion library provides the extensive list of goodness-of-fit statistical metrics to evaluate nowcasting models performance.

Metric Description
R Correlation coefficient
R2 Coefficient of determination
RMSE Root mean squared error
MAE Mean absolute error
QPN specific  
CSI Critical Success Index
FAR False Alarm Rate
POD Probability Of Detection
HSS Heidke Skill Score
ETS Equitable Threat Score
BSS Brier Skill Score
ML specific  
ACC Accuracy
precision Precision
recall Recall
FSC F1-score
MCC Matthews Correlation Coefficient

You can easily use any metric for verification of your nowcasts:

# import the specific metric from the rainymotion library
from rainymotion.metrics import CSI

# read your observations and simulations
obs = np.load("/path/to/observations")
sim = np.load("/path/to/simulations")

# calculate the corresponding metric
csi = CSI(obs, sim, threshold=1.0)